Is your personal injury attorney an ethical attorney?

Florida Bar Rule 4-7.18 address’s the issue of lawyers contacting perspective clients ethically. If your personal injury lawyer approached you within 30 days of your accident without you contacting them first your attorney has engaged in activity that is in contradiction of the Florida Bar Rules. There are a lot of personal injury attorney’s here in Florida and you want one that knows how to comply with the rules of professional conduct because if your attorney violated these rules that may be a big red flag that this attorney does not know what they are doing and only wants to make a quick buck. If a lawyer cannot comply with the rules governing lawyers, you certainly do not want them handling your case because they may do something else that could jeopardize your case. An attorney showing up to a car accident scene and signing you up without you contacting them first is a blatant violation of the Florida bar rules governing lawyers and not the attorney you want handling your case.

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