Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

There are several reasons why you need a personal injury attorney to represent you if you get injured in an accident. The purpose of a personal injury attorney is to hold your best interest as the number-one priority when working on your case. Your personal injury lawyer can help you get compensated and make sure the other parties involved are not taking advantage of you. The reasons vary concerning importance, but we’ll start with the least important reason and move to the most important reason.

Reason #1: A lawyer goes to school for the better part of a decade just to be able to practice law. Four years of undergraduate school and three years of law school (depending on the state you are in this may differ). If an aspiring attorney does not pass the state bar, he or she will not be licensed to practice law. This is a good reason to hire an attorney, or at least to seek the free consultation of a personal injury lawyer if you think you have a case. The skills and training a lawyer goes through just to be a lawyer is something other people just simply do not have. Most people don’t even know what the word “negligence” means. The law is very much a different language and, if you are not careful, your case could easily be destroyed.

Reason #2: Depending on the attorney you choose, they will most likely have dealt with a case similar, or somewhat similar, to yours. This is important because most states and localities have certain sets of requirements for filing lawsuits or getting compensation from a negligent driver. The civil justice system makes complainants jump through hoops, and the average person simply does not know about all of them. You certainly wouldn’t want to spend weeks preparing for a hearing only to arrive and find out the judge is throwing out your case because you left out a sentence or because you missed a small but highly important detail.

Reason #3: The final reason is by far the most important. It has a little to do with why this country is one of the best on the planet: our juries. The founding fathers inserted the common man into the justice system as a check on the system and the people who run it. It’s the simple and age-old concept of right and wrong; without juries, the system may easily sway from what is right. Juries are the reason you need a lawyer. You need a professional who can speak to the jury on your behalf. No one looks good talking about themselves. For this reason, you need a lawyer who is fully prepared to go to trial for you. If the at-fault driver does not reasonably compensate you or account for your injuries, you should contact an attorney.

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