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At The White Law Center, P.A., we are dedicated to meeting clients’ needs. Our firm handles a variety of civil and criminal cases and has helped hundreds of clients seek a favorable outcome. If your case is going to trial, we are here to help. Our firm has experience representing clients in formal litigation, and we can discuss your options and answer your questions 24/7. Contact our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer today for a free consultation.


In Florida, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court is 4 years. This means you have 4 years from the date of the accident to pursue compensation. The statute of limitations for criminal offenses varies. For misdemeanor charges, it is 1-2 years, depending on the charges. The statute of limitations for felony offenses ranges from 3-4 years, but felonies resulting in death have no statute of limitations.

Litigation can provide resolution for a variety of cases, including:

The litigation process can be stressful and complicated. For both civil and criminal cases, our attorney can provide the legal advice you need. If informal mediation or arbitration does not resolve the conflict, your case will likely go to trial. Formal litigation may take place in county courts, circuit courts, municipal courts, or the state supreme court, depending on the severity of the charges.


Whether you are facing criminal charges or settling a lawsuit in civil court, The White Law Center, P.A. can help. We can talk to witnesses, request police reports and medical records, and work hard to build your case. Our firm stays up to date on state and federal laws regarding civil and criminal litigation, and we can answer your questions and help you make informed decisions throughout the process. With the assistance of our Fort Lauderdale litigation attorney, you can seek a beneficial outcome for your case.

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