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Immigration is an area of law that I hold in high regard. In 1919 my great grandmother came to America on a ship from Europe. She went through Ellis Island in New York and after a few years became a citizen of the United States of America. America Is the great "melting pot" and provides a path to legally becoming a citizen. Our acceptance of all different cultures and Americas ability to see equal rights for all citizen is by far one of the best things about this country.

Immigration is one of the most emotionally-charged and high-risk fields of law, as there is oftentimes so much on the line for all involved. If you are an immigrant who is ready to start a new chapter of your life by coming to the United States, we at the White Law Center, P.A. want to help make your transition as seamless as possible. We take sincere pride in helping individuals, opening up opportunities, and bringing families together.

The immigration process can be incredibly complicated, and it can often feel like it is full of nothing but setbacks and obstacles. However, with the help of a strongminded and compassionate immigration attorney such as ours, you don’t have to feel like you’re alone during this difficult time. Our legal team fights to keep the oldest tradition of this nation alive, one of it being built on immigrants and all they have to offer.

We offer services for anyone interested in the following and more:

  • Family petitions
  • Marriage visas
  • Employment visas
  • Investors visas
  • Deportation and removal proceedings
  • Waivers
  • Citizenship and naturalization

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At the White Law Center, P.A., we are a team of dedicated legal professionals who have a sincere desire to advocate for immigrants who want to become American citizens. We are aggressive in our approach because we know the most important aspect of your case is achieving actual results. When you and your family’s wellbeing is on the life, you need to enlist in the help of an immigration lawyer who will handle your case with accuracy, diligence, and determination.

Our pursuit of justice is relentless, and we want to be your ally throughout the entire immigration process. Our immigration lawyers of White Law Center, P.A. will evaluate your case and offer you comprehensive and personalized legal counsel, so as to advise you on your best course of action. We are honored to help our clients with any and all immigration needs

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