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Restraining Orders and Injunctions are never the first choice however, if a person will not stop sometimes it is the only option. There are multiple situations where Restraining Orders and Injunctions are useful, here are a few:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Conflict in an intimate relationship
  • Conflict with a family member
  • Conflict with a neighbor, acquaintance or co-worker
  • Harrassment
  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault
  • Violence

Unfortunately, Domestic Violence is present in our society and if you have been the victim you should contact our firm.

Harassment is one of the most under reported problems in our society and is a travesty that so much of it occurs today. Although we are headed in the right direction, it certainly has not been eradicated from the practice of deranged individuals. Fortunately, for those who are the victim of Harassment there is not only an injunction available but there is also a civil lawsuit for money damages available. This is the closet thing to justice legally available.


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Our Attorneys want to help you with your legal problem. Injunctions are generally considered to be a civil remedy in order to stop someone from continuing to do whatever it is they may be doing.

The courts typically interpret a particular situation by requiring the plaintiff to prove certain elements in order to obtain a court ordered injunction:

  • It has no adequate remedy other than an injunction(such as money damages).
  • That truly irreparable harm will occur in the absence of an injunction.
  • The benefit to the party seeking the injunction outweighs the burden of the party opposed to the injunction.
  • The moving party's right to the relief sought is clear.



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