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Florida is home to a thriving community of bicyclists. With great weather and beautiful coastlines, Florida is a desirable environment for bicyclists. Unfortunately, like the rest of the United States, Florida is not without its fair share of negligent drivers.

At The White Law Center, P.A., we understand the difficulties you face in the aftermath of a serious accident. Let our firm represent your rights and work to help you obtain the compensation you deserve after you are severely injured by the negligence of others. Our bicycle accident lawyer is proud to uphold your rights and make sure that you are not taken advantage of by other parties involved.

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Cyclists and vehicle operators are expected to share the roads. Because of the size and weight of vehicles on the roadways, it’s important for bicyclists to take certain precautions to better protect themselves. Not only is this important from a safety standpoint, taking these precautions could also help your case hold up better in court if you are involved in a biking accident.

Tips for bicyclists:

  • Don’t ride against traffic
  • Ride in bike lanes when present, or on paved shoulders
  • Ride single file on curving roads without shoulders or lanes
  • Indicate your movements through the use of hand signals
  • Make eye contact with drivers
  • Wear protective, reflective gear when riding

Whatever the cause of your accident, our firm can thoroughly investigate the circumstances and fight to hold the appropriate party responsible for your injuries. Whether your bike was manufactured improperly or whether a driver was on his or her phone and didn’t see you, our bicycle accident lawyer can fight for justice on your behalf.

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