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We rely on hundreds of products a day to sustain our daily routine and overall lifestyle – the toothpaste we use, the blow dryer, the parts installed in our cars, prescription medicines designed to reduce ailments. While we should be able to trust that the proper testing has been performed and these products have been rightfully approved for consumption, we can’t always.

Many of these products still make it into our marketplace – even though they contain elements that put us in danger – for the purposes of avoiding loss and obtaining profit. The product liability attorneys in Ft. Lauderdale at White Law Center are committed to defending our clients when corporate irresponsibility results in injury, illness, or even death.


Product liability is more or less an umbrella term for the few variations below it. In your consultation with our Fort Lauderdale attorneys, we will together come to the conclusion that your claim will fall into one of these categories.

The three, basic types of product liability claims are:

  • Manufacturing defect claims: These claims are filed when the problem with the product can be traced back to its manufacturer.
  • Design defect claims: These argue the fallibility of the product’s design, making the claim that a reasonable oversight was made in terms of the product’s safety for use.
  • Failure to warn claims: These claims suggest that the designers or manufacturers knew of a safety concern and failed to alert its consumers before purchase.

Each of these groups indicate the negligence, irresponsibility, or even evident malice toward the consumers who use a product. If you have been made ill or were injured because of this, our team at White Law Center wants to fight for your due compensation.

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