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Has your property sustained damage? Let us help you get what your property is worth from the insurance company.

Insurance Claims are used in order to get your damages properly paid for. If you need help with your insurance claim, please contact us for a free consultation.

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Quite Often, if you have an insurance claim you will need an Attorney to help you properly put together the claim. This will allow a full accounting of your damages.

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Hurricane Damage has the potential to be devastating and can completely destroy your home or commercial property especially if you are located in a coastal area. Just about every year unfortunately there are multiple hurricanes that can cause billions of dollars in damages to areas. Sometimes insurance companies go out of business and have to declare bankruptcy because there is to many claims for the money the have saved to pay claims. This kind of occurrence is rare but it has happened. If you have had hurricane damage it is important to contact an attorney soon after the damage occurs in order to protect your rights under any insurance policy.

Other insurance claims are important to retain an attorney for because an attorney can help you properly put together a package that will allow you to get the full value for your claim. It is statistically more probable that a client will get the full value for there claim if they get the help of an Attorney then if they do not. Insurance claims require a lot of detail in order to get full value for a claim. Most likely you want everything that you lost to be accounted for and be compensated for the loss, that is why we all pay premiums. So that if there is a loss you will not be left cold out in the dark.

Often Insurance demand packages are used to obtain full value for insurance claims. These demand packages are highly detailed because insurance companies want proof of what they are accounting for. This makes sense because it is important that false claim don't get paid. Unfortunately, sometimes false or fraudulent claims do occur this is never O.K. for one thing it is illegal. False and fraudulent claims hurt people that have legitimate claims because it makes the insurance company scrutinize legitimate claims more than they should. Also, illegitimate claim increase everyone's premium.

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