Tortious Interference Of A Contract

Tortious Interference of a Contract Can Cost Massive amounts of money

Tortious Interference of a contract is a very distinct cause of action requiring every element in order to succeed in a lawsuit for damages.

Here are the elements for a Tortious Interference Cause of Action:

(1) A valid contract existed between the plaintiff and a third party;

(2) The defendant knew about the contract;

(3) The defendant took actions intended to induce a breach or disruption of the contract;

(4) There was no legal justification for the defendant's action, and;

(5) Damages resulted.

Very important:

  • Known of the existence of a contract, and;
  • intentionally acted to disrupt the contract;
  • The plaintiff must also show that the defendant's action(s) actually caused the breach to occur
  • The interference does not have to be of the entire contract but can be of a single provision within a contract.

Time Limit:

  • In Florida, the statute of limitations for a Tortious Interference with a contract claim is four years.
  • The Fours years begins to run when the last elements constituting the cause of action transpires.



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