Female Swedish Tourist Assaulted by Massage Envy Masseuse in Fort Lauderdale


Photo credit: Broward Sheriff’s Office and Miami Herald

A female Swedish tourist was allegedly assaulted by a Massage Envy Masseuse in Fort Lauderdale on March 9th. The woman and her family visited the Massage Envy parlor while on vacation. She had only experienced one massage previously, and was not completely sure what to expect. Although she felt uneasy when the masseuse, Mr. Juan Pablo Mendiz, 32, adjusted her cover up cloth to exposure her privates, she had no doubt something was wrong when she felt him penetrate her with his finger. The woman immediately told Mendiz “that’s not what I’m here for!” after she grabbed his arm to push it away from her body.

The woman reported the incident immediately to the Massage Envy staff, but was told not to call the police as they wanted to handle the matter internally. The woman still went to the Fort Lauderdale police immediately. Mendiz was arrested by police after questioning and after being informed that a rape kit swab for DNA was conducted.

Sunbiz.com lists the company that owns Massage Envy as Southeast Causeway Investments, LLC. They used to operate under a previous name; Massage Envy of Fort Lauderdale, LLC.

A proprietor, including the owner of a massage parlor, owes a duty of care to its invitees (customers). The duty includes the duty to protect or warn an invitee of any potential hazards in or around the establishment that the proprietor knew or should have known about with a reasonable inspection. If a massage parlor knows or has reason to know that an employee could be a hazard to an invitee, the owner must use reasonable care in taking steps to remove the hazard from causing harm to the invitee.

A proprietor owes an additional duty to invitees to come to the aid of invitees who have suffered harm. This includes rendering immediate aid while helping the invitee contact the proper authorities in order to ensure that the invitee is fully assisted.

If you believe you were in a situation where you were harmed due to an establishment’s failure in their duty of care while you were in their establishment, contact an attorney for an explanation of your rights. The White Law Center handles sexual assault, premises liability, slip and fall injuries and cases involving proprietors negligently or knowingly failing in their duties to protect their customers and visitors as is required by law. Contact The White Law Center if you want to know your rights.

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