What Does Surgery, 42 Stiches To The Face, A Week In The Hospital And Months Of Physical Therapy Make?

A Personal Injury Attorney that knows what negligence feels like. A Personal Injury Lawyer that is ready to fight for your rights. A Personal Injury Attorney that has been in your shoes and knows what you are going through.

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Years before becoming a lawyer while I was on my way to work at a local restaurant I was struck by a negligent foreign tourist in a rental car. A week in the  hospital, dozens of stitches to the face and months of physical therapy later gave me a whole new perspective on what accident victims go through. Fortunately, for me we are in America where if someone does something negligent to you, you have rights.

Now, that said, I am very thankful god didn’t take me on that day because he easily could have. However, that did not change the fact that after the accident I needed my $50,000 thousand dollars in medical bills repaid to the good nurses and doctors that helped me in my most desperate time of need. Thankfully, I was able to find a personal injury attorney that was able to help me get my medical bills paid off and get my life back on track. After my accident I decided to help people that have been injured because that is the only real justice that I can perpetuate. If Personal Injury Attorneys didn’t pursue justice for their clients then society would be more dangerous than it already is.

Two years after my accident I was accepted into law school. Thereafter, I graduated and became a licensed attorney with every intention of helping people that have been injured from the negligence of other people. Usually that means fighting insurance companies for the just compensation the injured victim deserves. I take great pride in fighting insurance companies. Too many insurance companies are great at taking your premiums but when it comes to doing the right thing and paying a claim, most of them lack that aptitude.

Insurance companies exist so that if there is a loss or an injury there is someone to pay the huge loss. That is why insurance companies exist and the reason we pay premiums. Think about it, if there was no insurance and someone was injured in an accident most of the time they would not be able mend their loss because there would be no money to pay for it. Unfortunately some insurance companies have lost sight of that and what doing the right thing really means. There is a reason the average return on equity for an insurance stock is 12.1%. That is way higher then the market average of 7%. It is because the more claims they contest or low ball the higher profits their company gets to make.

Insurance companies play a game with people’s lives and sometimes, doing the right thing gets lost in their business model. They will take every dollar of your premium but when it is time to pay out a claim or make sure an injured party is properly cared for some of them will waiver and vacillate. Even when the damages are clear, liability is indisputable and coverage is in place you still need a personal injury attorney because more likely than not they will either low ball your claim or deny it all together and call it “just business.” This is a big reason why if you have been injured due to the negligence of another person you should call me for a free consultation, if I can help you I will and be proud to do so. Because I will fight for the compensation you deserve. I understand that in the personal injury field, in order to instill real change we have to make it harder for insurance to fight legitimate claims. Had the insurance company done the right thing in the beginning and recognized my claim, it would have not only been better for me but it would have been better for them as well. They wouldn’t have had to hire the insurance defense attorney that I am sure at the end of it all billed enough to pay off my law school student loans.

The general consensus in society is that personal injury attorneys are “ambulance chasers.” That’s just simply not the case with me. My goal is to make society safer one case and one lawsuit at a time. There is a difference between ambulance chasing trying to get money off of peoples pain and doing the right thing. Going through an auto accident or any injury can have lasting effects on a person’s life both physically and mentally. When someone has been injured they don’t only need the compassion of their friends and family, they need help getting their medical bills repaid. If insurance companies would do the right thing it would force me to do something different with my career and I would be completely O.K. with that. Unfortunately, more often than not that is not the case and that is why you should call me for your free consultation 24/7 day or night 365 days a year. I have been in your shoes and I understand what you are going through so please do not be hesitate to call me.

Bottom Line. What I Experienced From My Personal Injury:

  • That fighting for peoples right’s is what I want to do with my life and I take great pride in doing so.
  • That driving is something we should all do with great care because we are all on the road together.
  • That doing the right thing is not a choice it’s a duty whatever you are doing.
  • That the law and justice aren’t always the same but America certainly has the best system in the world.
  • That if you have been injured in an accident you should call me because I am here and ready to help you 1(888)620-7888 24/7 365.

Final Note.
Driving on the roads today is dangerous, but it is the most efficient method of transportation available. That said, we should all watch what we are doing when we get in the car and drive. The average vehicle weight according to the E.P.A is 4,000lbs. That’s a lot of weight and if you hit someone with that it can make a huge impact on their status as a living human being. So please drive safely.


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